Attaches vertically to a utility pole or building to cover cable runs.


Polyethylene – UV Rated

UV stabilized polyethylene, does not break down with creosotes or petroleum products.
Cable guards attach vertically to a utility poles or buildings to cover cable runs. They are pre-drilled to accept ΒΌ lag bolts or tech screws.

Catalogue # Wall Thickness (A)/
Inside Diameter (B)
Length Color Packaging
RMGYCG-250-5FS .100″/2.50″ 5 Ft Gray 100
RMGYCG-250-8FS .100″/2.50″ 8 Ft Gray 100
RMGYCG-250-10FS .100″/2.50″ 10 Ft Gray 100

Note: Suffix “FS” indicates Slotted Flange S | Slot 3″ from end and every 18″ | Available Colors: Grey

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