Provides abrasion protection for cables.

CABLE-GUARD-B cable-guard-b-pos

Polyethylene – UV Rated

UV stabilized polyethylene tubes provide abrasion protection for cables. These parts are un-split and must be installed before cable termination. For split applications see Split Cable Guard B (Link to part). For Fiber Optic applications see Fibre Optic Guard (Link to part)

Catalogue # Wall Thickness (A)/
Inside Diameter (B)
Length (C) Color Packaging
RMGC-B100-8 .50″ / 1.00″ 8″ Black Black 4 Bags x 100
RMGC-B150-8 .50″ / 1.50″ 8″ Black Black 4 Bags x 50
RMGC-B200-8 .50″ 2.00″ 8″ Black Black 4 Bags x 50

Note: Available Colors: Black

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